Adjusting To Your Brand New City

I have some tips on adjusting to a brand new city for those of you currently experiencing this. Don’t forget it’s one of the best times of your life, so make the most of it! Click on the link below to find my top tips.

Adjusting to a Brand New City

Spicing Up Your Apartment — And Then Some.

Learn to give your apartment a little more life with these great tips! Have some better ideas? Send them over so I can spread the word. Hope you enjoy.

Spicing Up Your Apartment

Cover Letter Tips!

I’m trying something new with my blog. ¬†Hopefully, twice a week I am going to send out new information on what I feel could be helpful to recent college grads. Just click below and read the advice I try to give my friends when proofreading their cover letters. I hope you enjoy this and comment away below on more cover letter tips!

cover letter tips & Tricks