Sample Writing

I have an entire new section of sample writing that I’m more than happy to send you if interested. There are, however, a lot of privacy policies I have to respect when it comes to my clients, so I cannot publicly post links to each blog post I’ve written since my time at Clemson. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll send you over the links! 

Listed below is a  compilation of writing samples throughout my undergraduate career at Clemson University. Most of these are factual based writing. The rest are fake sample writing based off of a topic of my choice during a class assignment.

SC Obesity Brochure

Kevin Hart Press Release

Chick-Fil-A Newsletter

Cardiovascular Disease Infographic

Twitter Copy

Business Letter

Semester Capstone Project – This project was designed as a public relations tactic to publicize a company in a good light rather than the negative light that it had recently been seen in on a national level.

Capstone Briefing

Blog Post

Magazine Article

Press Release

Twitter Post


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