Adobe MAX Conference Day 2

The day I got to share my Adobe story in front of everyone at the Adobe EDU-MAX Conference.

A beautiful USC-Annenberg gave me a warm welcome to Los Angeles. Did I mention this campus was beautiful?  
When I was giving my speech on how the Adobe partnership with Clemson changed my life!This is a classroom and I am very sad I never had a classroom this cool.
This is known as the garage. I am also very sad I never had a “garage” this cool. USC-Annenberg has such a great program for journalism and communication.  This newsroom is beautiful.
It’s casual with Steven Spielberg.   A handful of amazing and creative students from all over the world were given awards for their hard work. The work that they published was completely incredible and mind blowing. I wish I could tell you what they did, but it wouldn’t do it justice. You have to see this incredible work. It was outstanding.
Tom Sito. He is an animator for Disney. His students also created The Simpsons. He told them the show wouldn’t last long, and now it’s made history as the longest running television show in history.  Pretty cool story and he was a pretty cool man.


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